Elements Music writers nominated for 11 Emma Awards!

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Elements Music writers have had the priviledge and pleasure of being involved with great many successful projects during the past years. For this, we are nominated for 11 Emma Awards (Finnish Grammy) in 9 categories!

See all the nominations below.

Song of the Year

Teflon Brothers – Pämppää feat. Ilari Sahamies – Kyösti Salokorpi as writer

Kasmir – Vauvoja feat. Saara – Thomas Kirjonen, Jonas W. Karlsson and Mikko Kuoppala as writers

Album of the Year

JVG – 247365 – Thomas Kirjonen as writer and feature

HipHop Album of the Year

Mikael Gabriel – Versus – Kyösti Salokorpi as writer

Producer of the Year

Mikko Tamminen

The Male Artist of the Year

Robin – Kyösti Salokorpi, Jonas W. Karlsson, Matias Melleri, Thomas Kirjonen, Axel Ehnström, Tobias Granbacka, Mikko Tamminen as writers

Mikael Gabriel – Kyösti Salokopri as writer

Pop act of the year

Robin – Kyösti Salokorpi, Jonas W. Karlsson, Matias Melleri, Thomas Kirjonen, Axel Ehnström, Tobias Granbacka, Mikko Tamminen as writers

Band/Group of the Year

JVG – Thomas Kirjonen as writer

The Schlager Album of the Year

Neljänsuora – Juhlat – Kyösti Salokorpi and Pasi Siitonen as writers

Children’s album of the year

Hevisaurus – Soittakaa Juranoid!










Elements Music “Publisher of the Year” 2015!

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We are so happy and proud to have received the “Publisher of the Year” -award at the Industry Awards. The winners at the awards are selected through a vote open for industry professionals. Being appreciated by our peers like this, what a feat and an honour for an independent like us! Thank you so much and let’s do this again next year.

Thomas Kirjonen “Pop writer of the year”

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Elements’ writer Thomas Kirjonen received the award for “Pop writer of the year” at the Finnish Music Publishers Awards last nigkasmir_xsht. Thomas’ fantastic year included his own debut album as Kasmir, as well as several chart topping hits for other artists. He also had a Billboard#5 with the a cappella group Pentatonix.

We are both proud and happy for Thomas’ success and couldn’t be more excited about our continued collaboration with this great artist and writer.


Elements Music nominated for “Publisher of the Year” at the Industry Awards

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The Music Publisher of the Year-award will be presented at the Industry Awards during Music & Media in Tampere on Saturday, October 17th. News is out now that Elements is nominated and voting starts Wednesday this week. Fingers crossed!

Antti Hynninen signs with Elements Music

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The weather is getting warmer and our roster is growing. Very proud to announce the signing of Antti Hynninen to our housewriter team!

Antti is an extremely talented writer/producer and multi-intrumentalist. Focusing now on writing pop, he has previously written and produced many jazz and soul projects including Auteur Jazz and Rime. He also does arrangements for various bands and orchestras including J. Karjalainen and Tuomari Nurmio and plays the sax for example with Ricky-Tick Big Band & Julkinen Sana.

Welcome Antti!

A Hynninen signing pic

Brandon Bauer’s new single & music video is out

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The song is written by Elements’ writers Brandon Bauer and Matias Melleri.

Stella’s catalogue finds a home at Elements

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stella yhtyeStella was one of the most successful bands for a decade in Finland until they split up in 2013. Their music touched, inspired, comforted their fans with songs such as “Piste.”, “Aamun kuiskaus”, “Lumottu”, and “Häävalssi” still frequently playing on radio. The band’s main songwriter, Janne Sivonen, has signed a catalogue-deal with Elements Music including their albums “Kuuntelija”, “Pelkääjän paikalla”, “Löytäjä saa pitää” and “Jokin on muuttumassa”




Here’s a link to one of Stella’s few videos, Korkokengät

Erakossa inks with Elements

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Erakossa signs

Erakossa & Elements

Elements Music is proud to announce a long-term publishing deal with one of the most exciting new artists in Finland – Erakossa. After his acclaimed DIY debut single “Löysään hirteen”, which became a massive hit last fall, Erakossa is preparing the launch of the follow-up this spring. You can check out “Löysään hirteen” on Spotify and YouTube. Stay tuned for more info and more music on our site and Facebook-page.

Elements Music congratulates Emma Awards winners!

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Emma Awards (Finnish Grammys) were held on 27th of February. Elements Music was nominated in 12 categories with a total of 34 nominations and won 8 categories! Elements congratulates all winners Mikko Tamminen, Thomas Kirjonen, Jonas W. Karlsson, Axel Ehnström, Hank Solo, Mikko Kuoppala, Stam1na and Millionaire Men. See all our winners below:

Best Female Artist

Kaija Koo – Mikko Tamminen as writer

Best Debut

Kasmir – Thomas Kirjonen as artist and writer, Jonas W Karlsson as writer and co-producer,Hank Solo as writer and co-producer, Axel Ehnstrom as writer, Mikko Kuoppala as writer

Best Song

Kasmir “Vadelmavene” – Thomas Kirjonen as artist and writer, Jonas W Karlsson as writer and co-producer, Hank Solo as writer and co-producer, Mikko Kuoppala as writer

Best Metal Album

Stam1na “SLK” – Stam1na as writers

Best Hiphop Album

JVG “Voitolla yöhön” – Axel Ehnstrom as writer

Best Schlager Album

Jari Sillanpää “Rakkaudella merkitty mies” – Mikko Tamminen as writer and co-producer

Best Music Video (public vote)

Cheek “Äärirajoille” – Millionaire Men as writers and co-producers

Best Artist / Group of the Year (public vote)

Cheek – Millionaire Men as co-producers and writers


Kyösti Salokorpi signs with Elements Music

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Kyösti SalokorpiElements Music is pleased to announce the signing of Kyösti Salokorpi. Kyösti is a talented musician and songwriter who writes brilliant lyrics, melodies and hooks. His recent cuts include the #1 single “Maradona” by Teflon Brothers and “Vain ihminen” by Suvi Teräsniska.

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